Lady Eve

October 5th, 2010

GREAT movie. Yet another fun movie we watched. Loved the acting of all the characters specially Barbara Stanwyck’s acting of the con artist Jean Harrington. She definately put life into the film and was the central character of the film. There were definately some really funny scenes in the movie for example when Charles Pike keeps getting his coat dirty by tripping into something or having food thrown on him.

Henry Fonda’s portrayal of a naive Pike was really great. He seems like a child next to Jean who at first tries to exploit him then later on grows to love him.  Being an earlier film realeased in 1941, it is amazing how women aren’t biased against and shown to be housewives. Surprisingly a woman is the main character and you actually grow to like her more than the male character because she seems like a more developed character as opposed to Pike, who seems a bit too naive.

There were some scenes in the movie that were far fetched and some people thought that was bad, but what is comedy but a far fetched portrayal of truth. Like for example when Jean meets Pike as the English Lady Eve and he fails to notice that it was her, even after they get married and he has had ample time to observe her behavior and notice that she is the same Jean that he had dumped earlier. But I goes the comedy effect would not  be there as he trips over things and messes up his clothes trying fruitlessly to discern whether or not Lady Eve is Jean, while at  the same time Jean is laughing at his antics, but with a sense of subtle admiration directed at him as she loves him.  Another scene like that being when Pike loses money against “Colonel” Harrington around 20,000 dollars but still fails to realize that something is amiss. It is these farfetched scenario that make this film a fun light hearted movie to watch.

HI everyone. I am Khan

October 5th, 2010

This is quite late for an introduction being the third week of class but. its better late than never as they say:).  I am a pre-med student and currently a sophmore. My major is undecided but am thinking of either economics or accounting. What am I doing in this class? Simply put, I love movies and have always loved them! This is a great chance to watch movies and better yet discuss them with peers, something I love to do with my friends any ways. So there you have it, I love movies, and hope that this class will make me love them even more. So far I am really enjoying the class and hope you guys feel the same.Take care and have fun!

Citizen Kane… A Masterpiece?

October 5th, 2010

The Best movie we have seen so far in my opinion, maybe that is because I am interested in movies that show the dark side of money and fame. I loved the movie in its entirety including the special effects and the acting was AMAZING. I can’t believe that someone can be both and extraordinary actor and director at the same time and specially at such a young age. To talk more about the special affects, the scene where he is making a speech to a huge crowd of people to me was amongst the most amazing scenes. You feel a sense of enormity and feel dazzled. Another such scene was when in the ending they are packing out things from his house and you see a man perched up on stairs on the upper floor. You truly feel a sense of how huge the home truly is. I loved the movie and admired the acting and both the theme of the movie. To me the lesson of the movie was that love can’t be bought and no amount of money or fame can replace that feeling, as Kane tries to do throughout the movie and regardless of his riches dies a lonely death with no loved ones at his side and with the regret of not attaining love regardless of his attempt to find it. Citizen Kane is officially on my all time favorite movies list. Before I end this blog one of my favorite scenes from the movie where Orson Wells displays yet again his amazing acting.

Citizen Kane Celebration Scene