Written On The Wind

November 4th, 2010

The first color movie that we have watched so far, but it is unlike any color movie I have ever watched! This movie was made when color pictures were a new thing and the technology they used was quite different from now. When watching the movie this is quite evident because it seems that the colors are overly bright and excessive to such an extent that ones senses feel shocked. Nonetheless it was a great movie.

The evil spider lady vs the good women theme is highly dominant in this movie. Kyle’s sister Marylee is shown as the evil “spider lady” and she does a superb job of portraying her character. The good lady on the other hand was Lucy Moore, the other end of the spectrum. One excellent example of her was that she doesn’t marry Kyle because of his wealth as she leaves the hotel early in the story, even though they end up marrying later on.

One interesting thing that I noticed was that even though Kyle and Marylee are similar,they detest one another. They both want to marry people who are good natured and from the working class. Kyle is attracted to Lucy while Marylee is attracted to Mitch. The interesting thing is that both Kyle and Marylee are spoiled children who are good for nothing when it comes to making a living. Mitch works for Kyle father and knows more about Kyle’s family business than Kyle while  Lucy in assistant, also a working class person who makes a living from working hard. Kyle is a drunk while his sister Marylee is a tramp who goes around firting with people so as to attract Mitch’s attention.

A very common cinematography device used was the window. I can’t recall how many numerous times someone was shown to be looking down from the window, either it be Marylee, Mitch, or Kyle. There was one scene that seemed really impressive to me, it was in the beginning when we see a car coming and see Kyle enter the house. I believe that was an amazing beginning. The director creates this feeling of tension and fatality as we see the car racing to a destination with the dramatic music in the background. The director’s brilliance doesn’t end but rather becomes even more amazing as we see Kyle walk in. Instead of the weather being a calm night , the bellowing leaves and uncontrollable wind adds further intensity to the scene. You feel that something of the utmost importance is about to occur due to the setup of the scene and in fact it does.

Another unforgettable scene in the movie was when the doctor informs Kyle that he might be sterile and suddenly we see a moment later that he is shocked by something in the offscreen space. I thought that there was some antagonist there or perhaps he saw Mitch with his wife, but rather we see a chid on an electronic horse machine riding the horse and by that a message was implied which we all know and I would rather avoid writining. I myself was shocked as much as Kyle!

Another amazing scene was when we see Jasper Hadey waking upstairs and we see parallel action to show Marylee in a dancing frenzy. Mr.Jasper almost makes it to the top before he trips and falls down the stairs dieing. All this time we hear juke box music going on. Being the audience I got the feeling that Marylee burdened her father to his death. We see the father reach the top of the stairs, but then suddenly loses his strenght and falls down the stairs. This is in fact the indirect reason because the father is in fact upset of his children actions and this in fact burdens his health.

Anyways I really loved this movie. The story was great and the cinematography was just as amazing. Loved it!

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2 Responses to “Written On The Wind”

  1. Cathy on December 13, 2010 9:48 am

    I enjoy the beginning of the movie gives a suspense, and then it goes back to the date when Mitch first met Lucy. The flashback cinematography is similar to “Citizen Kane”. I thought Kyle must be shot by someone, but actually he shot himself. I think this is a significant way to keep focusing on the movie.

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