November 15th, 2010

Simply…amazing! What a great movie. I have heard a lot about this movie prior to watching it and knew that it was one of THE classic movie when it comes to horror and suspense films.

There were so many things about this movie that amazed me and I don’t know where to start so I’ll just jump in form anywhere! The movie starts off in a city type setting and normal nuances of daily life in the city. The main character from the beginning is Marion Crane and for a long time we think that she is the main character. Being the audience I was sure that she would be caught or run away but I was completely shocked when she dies. Also I was shocked as to how the movie suddenly shifts its theme. First I was worried about the money and Marion being caught, but the movie shifts from that to Norman Bates, a young man at a motel.Before I knew what was going on the Marion is no longer the main character to the film she was  merely an appetizer so as to say for the main meal, that being Norman. We being the audience no longer care about the monry or Marion but are much more interested in Norman and who he is and finding out what is going on. 

For me unfortunately the suspense of finding out that Norman Bates is insane was never present. I read a similar novel called “The Red Dragon” in which the main character is  psychologically disturbed and pictures himsef as his grandma. I picked up on that immediately, but nonetheless the music gave  me the goosebumps. Even though I had a feeling that the music was coming I never could brace myself for it since its so creepy.  All throughout and especially when Marion is driving her car the music in the background is scary and in a way foreshadowing the danger that she is going towards, which is quite ironic because she is actually running from being causht at the same time.

Another thing that caught my attention ( and how can it not) was the shower scene. Just to reiterate what professor Herzog said, it is really interesting in that the stabbing scene is perfect portrayal of her being stabbed continously. The audio as well as the visual scene make it obvious to our senses as to what is going on. We almost feel like it is us who is getting chopped up. The camera’s continous shifting motion chopping her combined with the music that also makes you feel like she is getting chopped creates a perfect scene, serving as the signature scene of the movie.
Anthony Perkings was superb! He does the perfect portrayal of a deranged psychopath. We see him as a happy and nice guy, but at he same time he is just as creepy and scary. I was scared to see the malicious grin on his face in the end when he wass caught and we see him (now he is the mother) grinning and he fades away and we see the skull and lasty the car being pulled out of the swamp. The ending leaves you feeling that he is grinning at you, being the audience and makes you feel that he will come after you.

Great movie after seeing it, its no wonder that its a classic!

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3 Responses to “Psycho!”

  1. Moshe Kurzweil on November 20, 2010 9:33 pm

    I really liked your analogy that Marion is the appetizer for Bates. The way the film changes perspective really added to the tension we felt watching it. Once we think we know what the film is about it gets turned inside out.

    oh, and I agree that Perkin’s ability to act such a good nice guy makes his switch to psycho so much creepier.

  2. anroy on November 21, 2010 2:02 pm

    The shower scene was really well shot.I would never guess that so many cameras were installed to shoot the scene. Norman Bates was really good and so was Marion Bates. They seems so normal and everyday but both of them has a secret( Norman is mentally ill where as Marion stole money)!!

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