November 28th, 2010

I am truly breathless… This movie seemed so different from any movie we have seen so far. It was truly a good portrayal of the French New Wave. The movie seemed spontaneous yet organized at the same time, a truly peculiar characteristic. The movie seemed to have little to no plot but yet was interesting to watch.  The jump outs were mind boggling but after a while I became used to them.

One of the most remarkable scenes was the bedroom scene. It is amazing to beleive that they spent a good 30 minutes talking about the most trivial topics. Michel is incessantly asking Patricia whether they can have !# while she is continuously saying no. As the audeince I was a bit irrated at first but his feeling quickly passed over and I didn’t even notice it was a 30  minute scene until someone in the class mentioned it.  This scene is an excellent example of the tinge of neorealism because the scene is so trivial and therefore actually seems like it can happen.

Another very important thing to note is that the movie doesn’t feel serious. Being the audience I had a feeling that Michel would not have a happy ending, but regardless of that AMAZINGLY I didn’t feel sad when he died. Patricia, the person who is with him throughout the movie, doesn’t feel any sorrow at his death either. In another movie it would have been shocking to see the main character die and nobody feel any emotion for him especially someone who has been with him and likes him, but here there was no emotion. I was shocked to see when Patricia came to him and upon hearing his last words feel no remorse that he is dead, but rather asks in a careless manner “what does scumbag mean.”

Nonetheless this movie was unique and not as trivial as it seems.

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