Citizen Kane… A Masterpiece?

October 5th, 2010

The Best movie we have seen so far in my opinion, maybe that is because I am interested in movies that show the dark side of money and fame. I loved the movie in its entirety including the special effects and the acting was AMAZING. I can’t believe that someone can be both and extraordinary actor and director at the same time and specially at such a young age. To talk more about the special affects, the scene where he is making a speech to a huge crowd of people to me was amongst the most amazing scenes. You feel a sense of enormity and feel dazzled. Another such scene was when in the ending they are packing out things from his house and you see a man perched up on stairs on the upper floor. You truly feel a sense of how huge the home truly is. I loved the movie and admired the acting and both the theme of the movie. To me the lesson of the movie was that love can’t be bought and no amount of money or fame can replace that feeling, as Kane tries to do throughout the movie and regardless of his riches dies a lonely death with no loved ones at his side and with the regret of not attaining love regardless of his attempt to find it. Citizen Kane is officially on my all time favorite movies list. Before I end this blog one of my favorite scenes from the movie where Orson Wells displays yet again his amazing acting.

Citizen Kane Celebration Scene